Based on over 60 years professional representation of a variety of significant brands in the German-speaking markets, Tholen has developed the partnerships and systems necessary for the successful planning and implementation of customized strategies for rolling out manufacturers ́ product portfolios throughout the German-speaking sales region.

Domestic and foreign manufacturers of Consumer Electronics and IT products, who are planning to sell in GSA, are working closely together with us, to develop the best strategies and solutions based on our retail and e-commerce concept.

The Tholen System is a seamless, end-to-end modular system that guides the manufacturer through the four key elements of the manufacturer-to-retail value chain, starting with the STRATEGY phase and creating new, sustainable values by gradually building up a successful and long-term partnership.

Following your approval of the concept, we will set up the SALES program, allocating field sales resources and promotional activities to achieve the agreed targets. In the SUPPORT area, we provide an end-to-end administrative service as well as full distribution logistics, which may be outsourced under our supervision.

Finally, the SUSTAINABILITY of your local business is driven by brand-building activities that ensure the availability, the all channel price balance policy and consumer appeal of your product portfolio at point of sale and in all important e-commerce stores.

We are committed to building up your brand over time in order to sustain growth and profitability in the long term. The graphical illustration shows the THOLEN RETAIL AND E-COMMERCE CONCEPT, which allows you to individually select the modules you require for the GSA market.



Tholen System